Instructions for combining the Direct wire harness for ATOTO Headunits and the Backup Camera adapter (For Subaru vehicles with the 6.2" headunit)

Item Number: AHH-70-1761ATOTO


Camera Camera

-Subaru Vehicles will need the 28-pin backup camera adapter sold here in addition to this adapter (28-pin adapter only):

Subaru Vehicles with the 6.2" Display will need some specific modification. The steering wheel button signals need to be combined moved to the 28-pin backup camera harness. Make the connections as follows:

-Cut the black, orange, purple, and the brown wires from the ATOTO direct wire adapter, 28-pin connector. Discard the 28-pin connector.
-Cut the Pink, Green, and Gray wires from the small white connector on the 28-pin adapter (this is the Maestro SW connector)
-Splice the wires as follows:

ATOTO Direct Adapter 28-pin backup camera adapter
Brown Gray
Orange Green
Black Pink
Purple No Connection - Leave disconnected

-For the 2016-2022 BRZ, pin 9 on the 28-pin connector must be connected to an Amp Turn-on signal to turn on the OEM amplifier for the door speakers. This is the blue wire on the 28-pin connector. Cut this blue wire and splice it to the blue Amp wire on the ATOTO direct wire adapter. There are 2 blue wires. The wire on the AM/FM adapter is different so connect it to the other blue wire.

-To install, connect the 6-pin connector between the ATOTO direct wire adapter and the 28-pin backup camera adapter.

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