Instructions for combining the Direct wire harness for ATOTO Headunits and the Backup Camera adapter (For Subaru vehicles with the 6.2" headunit)

Item Number: AHH-70-1761ATOTO

Wiring diagram for how to connect the ATOTO A6 or ATOTO S8

Camera Camera

-Subaru Vehicles will need the 28-pin backup camera adapter sold here in addition to this adapter (28-pin adapter only):

Subaru Vehicles with the 6.2" Display will need some specific modification. The steering wheel button signals need to be combined moved to the 28-pin backup camera harness. Make the connections as follows:

-Cut the black, orange, purple, and the brown wires from the ATOTO direct wire adapter, 28-pin connector. Discard the 28-pin connector.
-Cut the Pink, Green, and Gray wires from the small white connector on the 28-pin adapter (this is the Maestro SW connector)
-Splice the wires as follows:

ATOTO Direct Adapter 28-pin backup camera adapter
Brown Gray
Orange Green
Black Pink
Purple No Connection - Leave disconnected

-For the 2016-2022 BRZ, pin 9 on the 28-pin connector must be connected to an Amp Turn-on signal to turn on the OEM amplifier for the door speakers. This is the blue wire on the 28-pin connector. Cut this blue wire and splice it to the blue Amp wire on the ATOTO direct wire adapter. There are 2 blue wires. The wire on the AM/FM adapter is different so connect it to the other blue wire. If you need help doing this, you can email us before you order and we can make this change for you. If you order the ATOTO Install kit from the BRZ/FRS/GT-86 page (here: then we will do this for you!

-To install, connect the 6-pin connector between the ATOTO direct wire adapter and the 28-pin backup camera adapter.

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