Direct wire harness for ATOTO A6PF Headunit and ATOTO S8 Lite (fits 1998-2008 Honda/Acura - See compatibility information below)

Item Number: AHH-70-1721ATOTO-A6PF

Honda idoing upgrade

Double-Din for Honda ATOTO A6PF for Honda Civic


If you've got the ATOTO A6 Professional (A6 PF) headunit, you're in the right place! The wiring connector for the ATOTO A6 PF is different from the other ATOTO models (See the "Standard" ATOTO wiring adapter for Honda/Acura HERE) This harness is the simplest way to install an ATOTO A6PF headunit in your Honda or Acura. It is pre-wired with the ATOTO connector on 1 end and the Honda connector on the other.

What's included:

  • ATOTO A6 PF Direct wire adapter
  • Steering Wheel Control signals are wired for you. You won't need an interface like the AXXESS ASWC-1! All that you'll need to do is program the steering wheel buttons using the ATOTO on-screen interface!
  • Reverse signal is provided from the ATOTO A6PF connector. This will need to be connected to the vehicle if you are using a backup camera.
  • E-brake signal is already connected to ground to bypass parking brake lockout.
  • AM/FM turn-on wire is included for vehicles that have the BLUE AM/FM antenna power wire (this wire powers the AM/FM amplifier if the car is equipt)


1) Just connect both ends (to the ATOTO and to the Vehicle)
2) Connect the Reverse signals if needed (Reverse is needed only if you will be connecting a backup camera)

ATOTO Headunit Compatibility

ATOTO A6 PF model
ATOTO S8 Lite model

For all other ATOTO models, see the ATOTO direct wire adapter sold on this page.


(This is NOT a complete list. Please help us update it. If a known model is not listed, let us know)

CL 1999 to 2003
INTEGRA 1999 to 2001
MDX 2001 to 2008
MDX 2009 to 2011 With Factory Navigation
NSX 2001 to 2005
RDX 2007 (Non Navigation)
RL 1999 to 2008
RSX 2002 to 2006
TL 1999 to 2007
TSX 2004 to 2008 (With and Without Factory Navigation)

ACCORD 1998 to 2002 EX/LX/DX
CIVIC and CIVIC SI 1999 to 2005
CRV 1999 to 2006
ELEMENT 2003 to 2011
INSIGHT 2001 to 2006
ODYSSEY 1999 to 2007
ODYSSEY 2008 to 2010 With Factory Navigation
PILOT 2003 to 2008 LX Only
PILOT 2003 to 2008 Non LX, Non Navigation
PRELUDE 1999 to 2001
RIDGELINE 2006 to 2008
S2000 2000 to 2009


Direct wire harness for ATOTO A6PF
Metra 70-1721 ATOTO Lite

Price: $27

Aftermarket headunits available for installation in your Honda/Acura

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