Sony Headunit Direct Wire adapter for Subaru and Nissan (fits 2010-2015 Non-Navigation Subaru and 2007-2021 Nissan Vehicles - See compatibility information below)

Item Number: AHH-70-7552SO

Sony Radio to Nissan adapter

Sony Install kit for Frontier Subaru WRX to Sony Stereo Harness Subaru Forester Adapter


This adapter will simplify the install of a Sony headunit in your Subaru or Nissan. It is pre-wired with the Sony connector on 1 end and the Nissan/Subaru connector on the other.

What's included on the wiring adapter:

  • Steering Wheel Control wire is provided from the OEM vehicle connector to the Sony headunit (Wired to the 3.5mm plug). If your Sony headunit allows you to program the steering wheel buttons, you won't need an interface like the AXXESS ASWC-1! Most Sony headunits have this function!
  • Reverse signal is provided from the Sony connector since this will need to be connected elsewhere on the vehicle. (This is the purple wire hanging from the adapter in the picture)
  • E-brake signal is already connected to ground to bypass parking brake lockout.
  • Subaru Owners: Note that we also offer a 16-pin adapter that can be used to retain the AUX port in the console. This isn't for the USB port (although we have an adapter for that as well) but it will allow the 3.5mm jack to be retained. Most Sony units don't have a rear Aux input jack, so you will want to make sure that you have a place to plug this adapter in before you buy it. Feel free to contact us if you need our help!


1) Just connect both ends (to the Sony and to the Vehicle)
2) Connect the Reverse signals if needed (Reverse is needed only if you will be connecting a backup camera)
3) Connect the 3.5mm jack to the back of the Sony unit and use the on-screen interface on the Sony headunit screen to program in the function of each steering wheel button.

Sony Headunit Compatibility

Sony CDX-G1200U
Sony DSX-A410BT
Sony DSX-A415BT
Sony DSX-A416BT
Sony DSX-B700
Sony DSX-GS80
Sony DSX-GS900
Sony MEX-BT4100P
Sony MEX-N4200BT
Sony MEX-N4300BT
Sony MEX-N5300BT
Sony MEX-N7300BD
Sony XAV-9500ES
Sony XAV-AV5600
Sony XAV-AX1000
Sony XAV-AX3200
Sony XAV-AX4000
Sony XAV-AX5000
Sony XAV-AX5500
Sony XAV-AX7000
Sony XAV-AX8100

and MANY more...


(This is NOT a complete list. Please help us update it. If a known model is not listed, let us know)

2012-2014 Crosstrek XV (w/o nav)
2009-2015 Forester (w/o nav)
2008-2014 Impreza (w/o nav)
2010-2014 Legacy (w/o nav)
2010-2014 Outback (w/o nav)
2010-2015 WRX and WRX STI (w/o nav)
***This harness is not compatible with any 2016 Subaru vehicle. Please contact us ( for the correct harness.

2008-2013 G37
2006-2008 G35

2009-2020 370Z
2007-2024 Altima
2008-2020 Armada (Non-Bose Systems Only)
2009-2014 Cube
2008-2024 Frontier
2011-2017 Juke
2007-2020 Maxima (w/o nav or tech pkg.)
2007-2008 Maxima (w/ nav)
2009-2020 Murano S
2011-2018 NV
2008-2020 Pathfinder
2011-2016 Quest
2008-2023 Rogue
2007-2024 Sentra
2008-2024 Titan
2007-2024 Versa
2009-2015 Xterra

Purchase this plug and play adapter:

The 16-pin adapter will connect to the Aux jack in your console. Do you need the 16-pin adapter?

16-pin adapter photo

The 16-pin adapter retains functionality of the auxiliary input in the console. The wiring color code for the 16-pin harness/connector is as follows:

Gray - Reverse signal (Signal is NOT present on the WRX or Forester. Most pre-2012 cars also do not have this signal.)
Green - E-brake signal (Signal is NOT present on the WRX or Forester. Most pre-2012 cars also do not have this signal.)
3.5mm plug - Stereo Auxiliary input

***Harman Kardon vehicles will include an additional wire. This wire is a +12V power connection for the stock Harman Kardon amplifier. It must be connected to the blue Amp turn-on wire on the 20-pin connector.***

Nissan Bluetooth Module Bypass

Nissan Frontier Bluetooth Bypass Carplay

Some Nissan vehicles have a separate bluetooth unit that is wired between the main audio receiver and the steering wheel controls. If your vehicle has this, you will need the Nissan Bluetooth Module Bypass Plug to get your OEM steering wheel buttons to function properly. can check our vehicle compatibility database for details on your specific vehicle to see if this adapter is recommended for your vehicle or email us if the information isn't found!


Aftermarket headunits available for installation in your Subaru/Nissan

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