Starlink Bypass Plug

Item Number: 2044

This adapter will allows continued use of the car's front speakers when the Subaru Telematics module that sits under the OEM headunit is removed.

Users will often remove this module when installing an aftermarket headunit because it does not fit in the dash with the new headunit.

2016 Jumper Harness

Lead Time:

Normal assembly: 1 week


This adapter is only required if you are installing a new headunit and your vehicle has Starlink.functionality (SOS functions, Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance). Many Subaru vehicles don't have thiese functions and will therefore not require the bypass adapter. If your car has this functiionality, then the front speakers on the car will pass through the Starlink Telematics module. If this module is removed, then the front speakers will not function.

It is recommended that this module be retained (by relocating it to a place in the dash where it will fit). If this is not possible, then this bypass plug should be connected in place of the telematics module.


Price: $40

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