Subaru Speaker/Tweeter Adapters

These adapters are used for installing replacement tweeters and door speakers in your Subaru. Sold as a Pair!:


Item Number Picture Application (Speaker Position) Price
AHH-4447 Tundra Tweeter AdapterTundra Tweeter Adapter 2015-2022 WRX - Non-Harman Kardon - (Front Tweeter) $16/pair
AHH-4400 Tundra Woofer AdapterTundra Tweeter Adapter 2013-2022 WRX - Non-Harman Kardon - (Front and Rear Door speakers) $25/pair



These adapters are sold as pairs. We do our best to provide accurate application information. It is always best to look at the tweeters that are currently in your Subaru. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us at If your application is not listed, we should be able to look it up for you.

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