24-pin Wiring Adapter to fit Toyota, Subaru, Nissan Infotainment Wiring

Item Number: 2488

Toyota or Subaru 24-pin adapter (Backup Camera, Amp, Reverse Signal) Subaru 24-pin adapter (Backup Camera, Amp, Reverse Signal) Nissan 24-pin adapter (Backup Camera, Steering Wheel Buttons, Reverse Signal)


This connector is used for many different connections on Subaru, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles. Some Subaru Outbacks and Subaru Legacy models use this 24-pin connector for the Auxiliary input or for the Amp Turn-on wire for a Harman Kardon amplifier system. Toyota Vehicles often use this connector for CANBUS connections and for the backup camera. If you need pin information for a specific vehicle, please let us know what you're looking for! Email to inquiry@autoharnesshouse.com.

Older Subaru Models that have the OEM Kenwood Navigation system will use this 24-pin connector for Steering wheel buttons.

Many Nissan vehicles (Usually **with OEM Navigation Only**) use this connector for Backup camera or for other vehicle signals (Backup Camera or Reverse Signal)

This adapter has all pins populated and you can use this part to connect to whatever signals you need when installing a Double Din unit or Android Navigation Receiver. We do have plug and play options for many vehicles. Check out our Wiring Database for vehicle specific information:

Accurate Vehicle Wiring Information!



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